Declaring this blog semi-officially on hiatus because I haven’t gotten around to updating anything lately.

Been busy and sick irl, haven’t really had any time or interest. I have a few ideas, but they haven’t panned out obviously.

Might make a few posts here and there but I’m not going to be posting regularly or anything.

(Figured I might as well make an official-ish post rather than just letting it drop off)

Snowcat’s movin’

My store Snowcat’s inworld mainstore is moving. This is mostly due to financial difficulties on my end; I can’t afford rent on my parcel anymore.

I do have a potential new location, but nothing definite as of right now. The marketplace will still be up, of course, just not the mainstore, so no gatcha, freebies, or redelivery terminal. It shouldn’t be too long until the new place is set up, but you never know.

Copypasta this to join the inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/c2734ac7-d060-0e9d-59a0-06782f3cf66b/about

As for the regular blog posts, I’ve been sick for the past few months due to my own idiocy, I’ll be back to making those soon, hopefully. I have other things to catch up on first.

Search terms are awesome

They’re awesome for figuring out what people come to your site for… for luls… and for post ideas.

Gonna address some things I saw in my search terms stats page here! There will be more posts like this. I’m adding a category.

TERM: “rabbit plantigrade or digitigrade”

Rabbits are plantigrade. However, due to their large feet, plantigrade feet on SL look… awkward a lot of the time. This is why you see digitigrade rabbits a lot. Even though it’s not proper, when executed well, it just looks like the rabbit is standing on tiptoe (the DSD Rabbit digitigrade legs are excellent at giving this look). Kangaroos, also technically plantigrade, are also affected by this, and usually end up digitigrade.

TERM: “can a sculpty be rigged?”

Yes and no. A sculpty as-is cannot be rigged, and rigging is done in a 3D program, not inworld. If you have the original file for the sculpty, you can rig it in your 3D program. That’s about as close as you’ll get for rigging a sculpty.

TERM: “i don’t see the mesh clothes i’m wearing in second life”

You probably can’t see mesh. Update your viewer, or go into Debug Settings > set MeshEnabled to true.
OR, your mesh cache might be full. Relogging fixes it. For a more permanent solution, again in Debug Settings, go to MeshMaxConcurrentRequests and set it to a higher number.

I’ll be doing more of these posts as I get interesting search terms. :D

Cover My Furry Butt Hunt: I guess it was a success

Well, I mean, considering that we had no warning when our organizer’s account broke, and we had the hunt basically dropped in our laps at the last minute, I think we did alright.
I wasn’t a participant in last year’s hunt, but from what I gather, that hunt was a mess too. Then again, that was also the first year of the hunt, so, I guess that’s to be expected. What happened this year was unforseen; we couldn’t have done much about it. Though, that certainly hasn’t put hunters away, if the amount of help that was asked for in the group chat was any indicator.
I’m trying to get in contact with Vit to see what the status is on his account. So far, I haven’t heard back.

Right now, it’s 11:40EST – I want to take down the locations page, but I know some folks are still probably hunting, and seeing as it’s only like 9:40SLT, I should probably leave it up. So, it’ll be up until tomorrow.

A big thank-you to everyone who came out to participate in the Hunt, and an even bigger thank-you to everyone who pulled together and helped keep the Hunt alive.